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Eat Vegan

My name is Natasha.
I have recently turned vegan and this is my cooking blog.

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to post up my new website I’ve started with my boyfriend. Lots of cheap Android gadgets for sale at a decent price. I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to look around and tell me what you think. Thank you!

Been aaaaaages since I’ve posted a recipe  I do apologise. I’ve actually made a lot of unreal food, I just don’t have a good camera to photograph it anymore as my phone no longer works so unfortunately I can only take them with my iPad. 

I’ll try post a bit more as I miss updating this. 

Anyway, first go at a homemade pizza.. Just put this beaut in the oven.. Finished product and recipe to come later. 

Vegan vegetable curry with peppers, mushrooms and chickpeas.

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Orange juice, grapes and salad woth romaine lettuce, spinach, avacado, hummus, mushrooms and pepper

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Abdel Abdessemed is planning on killing a sheep, a horse, a goat, a pig, a cow and a calf with a hammer. They will be chained to a wall and beat dead. The “performance” is planned on taking place on the seventht of january. Please stop the bastard

Toast with avacado, tomato, salt and pepper.

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planet-dont-panic Asked:
Hey I have been trying to eat more and more raw, The first thing I did was cut out wheat (except wheat grass juice) and then moving on to cut out specialty vegan products (daiya and any margarine) And now moving on to a 3 day juice cleanse followed by a raw week. I am stable weight at 1600 cals a day some people need more some need less. If you want to maintain your weight I would start at 1800 and then work down or up if you loose or gain. Best of luck I hope you feel great in the new year!

My answer:

Thanks very much, I found this helpful. :) It’s not so much the eating raw that bothers me, it’s more the concern that I won’t be able to buy enough food to last a week on my budget/afford to get enough calories a day. I’ll do a bit more research on it. Thanks again!

Going to be eating more raw food from now on. Despite being vegan I still eat a lot of crap which defeats the purpose of it for me. It’ll be a lot easier when I get back to uni because I’ll have my own money to spend on what I want but I am a bit confused as to how I’m going to manage doing it on a budget of around £20 a week, especially when a lot of the raw vegans I’ve seen recommend you eat MORE than 2000 calories. Any advice?

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Baked Sweet Potato & Salad

Pierce the potatoes with a fork and put in the oven at 180 degrees for an hour.

Meanwhile, finely chop an onion, garlic, fine beans, pepper and tomato and fry with vegetable oil. Leave on low heat until potatoes are ready. Add mix herbs, salt and pepper to taste.

Place vegetables in potatoes when they are soft and serve with salad.

Baby boil potatoes drizzled with sweet chilli sauce with grilled cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and fine beans.